We provide binary versions of the VoreenVE visualization environment as well as source distributions of the Voreen framework. The source code is also available through our public Git repository.

The current Voreen version is 4.4, released on 2013-12-20.

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Binary Distributions

The binary distributions contain a ready-to-run VoreenVE application for Windows XP/Vista/7 including external libraries. 32-bit as well as 64-bit builds are available:

Source Distributions

Here you can download the source code of the Voreen project, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. We also have a special license exception, giving additional permissions for academic use, see the license page or the file LICENSE-academic.txt inside the repository for details.

Please consult the build instructions for information about how to compile the source code. We also have a changelog available.

Source Packages

These are exports of our internal Git repository:

Mac OS X Issues

Unfortunately, Voreen 4.4 will currently not run correctly on Mac OS X as only the OpenGL Legacy Profile (2.1) and OpenGL Core Profile (3.2) are supported (see As Voreen currently uses functionality from both profiles (which, on other platforms, is supported by the OpenGL Compatibility Profile), some basic features such as ray casting will be disabled when using Voreen 4.4 on Mac OS X.  However, you can still use the previous Voreen release 4.1.1 which is compatible with the Legacy Profile supported by Mac OS X:

A conversion of Voreen to the OpenGL Core Profile (and therefore full Mac OS X support) is currently in progress.

Git Repository

We are currently working on making our internal Git development repository publicly available. Until then, we provide a snapshot repository containing our public releases. Please note that the changesets prior to Voreen 4.0 have not been directly imported from our previous Subversion repository, since we had to correct the license headers in versions 2.5 through 2.6.1 (see About Voreen 3.0 & 4.0):

git clone

Note: In case you receive an SSL certificate error, you may need to disable SSL certificate verification before cloning, e.g.:

git config --global http.sslVerify false