Voreen 4.1 released

Voreen 4.1 comes with the advancedlighting module, which includes processors performing volume rendering with global illumination, allowing you to re-create some of the images found in our gallery. The MultiSliceViewer integrates the functionality found in the AlignedSliceProxyGeometry and MultiSliceRenderer in one easy to use processor for multi-modal slice rendering and adds the possibilty to render volumes larger than the GPU memory. We have improved the performance of our GDCM based DICOM reader and added support for datasets with varying rescale values. Camera handling for transformed volumes has been fixed. Compatibility with ATI/AMD based GPUs has also been improved, especially for OpenCL. Voreen 4.1 introduces support for pre-integrated transfer-functions. Furthermore, we have extended the support for mutual information coregistration using ITK. Internally, we improved support for varying rendering resolutions by introducing size-links and added properties to ports.
These changes should be mostly transparent to the user but resulted in some changes in the network editor which has also been improved in a number of aspects.
For a detailed list of changes see the Changelog.